Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Visit to Old Sturbridge Village

Red Coats and Rebels at Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts

The British are coming....... This land is our land............

As most of you may know, I took a trip to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts this weekend for the Redcoats and Rebels Reenactment. This is an event my family never misses. It was absolutely wonderful. I felt like I stepped back into the 1700's. Walking through the village there were several camps set up in different areas. The British soldiers took over the common. The people were so knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge with you. Each time we go I learn something new. It is a true living history class, one I believe children and adults alike will appreciate.

The view as you enter the gate....... How awesome is this?

The Fife and Drum Corp were playing, there were battles in the fields near Freeman Farm, children learned to fish in the pond, the sawmill was operating, women cooking in open fire pits, it was just wonderful.

It brought joy to my heart to see whole families taking part in the reenactment. I saw children as young as a year and a half all the way to older folk helping out in the camps. It is the hope that these children will follow in their parents foot steps and continue with this tradition as they grow older. The thought of us losing or forgetting our past and what the early settlers went through to make this country ours breaks my heart. I am not sure who said it by "We can not know who we truly are until we know where we have been." With all of the technology today you can look up our history but will you remember it as well as you would by walking in the shoes of those who lived it? I don't think so. As for me, seeing how hard life was back then makes me appreciate what we have now. As I have always believed I must have an old soul, one that would have lived back then because my love for our country, this way of life and it's history is so great, I feel that it has truly become a part of me, one I never wish to lose.

So I hope you enjoy my pictures of this fabulous day and I hope that next year you stop by the Village to partake in this wonderful living museum and all it has to offer both mind and soul.

My very dear friend Lou. Even though she plays the part of a British soldier's wife, I still love her, LOL. You are the best.

Thank you my friends for stopping by and allowing me to share these wonderful memories with you. I hope you get to visit this wonderful living historical museum someday, you will not be disappointed.

From my primitive heart to yours,

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  1. Great pictures and nice blog! Your pride and respect for our past is heartfelt and genuine. I'm afraid some of our elected officials have lost that connection with our history and now pursue political agendas disconnected from what it has all been about from the ver beginning. Maybe Congress should attend next year!
    Keep up the good work. I'll check back in. Drop by my photoblog if get a chance. Say hi to the gang.